Projects and Data for Solutions Providers.
Savings for Energy Consumers.
Planning and Market Control for Governments & Utilities.

GridMarket creates a more efficient, cost-effective way of deploying clean, distributed energy projects.


In the developing, complex energy market, GridMarket is facilitating and expediting distributed energy projects for energy consumers, solutions providers, governments, and utilities.

Savings for Energy Consumers

GridMarket helps energy consumers identify opportunities and optimize project value by implementing distributed energy technologies such as solar PV, battery storage, combined heat and power, fuel cells, and more.

Project Development Resources for Professional Services Firms

Developers and professional service firms can offer critical expertise and resources. GridMarket partners with developers and other firms to support all stakeholders and create more completed projects.

Data and Projects for Solutions Providers

Solutions providers leverage the GridMarket platform to access valuable property and market data and submit proposals for pre-qualified live project opportunities. The platform opens up access to new markets and customers across the globe through automation and predictive analytics.

Market Access for Governments

GridMarket helps governments and municipalities strategically deploy optimal distributed energy solutions based on unique regional needs, established energy goals, and identified viable opportunities. The platform produces actionable distributed energy project insights, empowering governments to dynamically manage their energy potential.

Market Access for Utilities

The GridMarket Platform is an actionable utility DER planning and deployment resource. Utilities leverage the platform to identify the most impactful project opportunities and implement solutions to create a stronger, more resilient grid and meet renewable generation mandates.

Tap Into The Energy Market With The GridMarket App

  • search

    An interactive database of infrastructure, energy, and market data for millions of properties.

  • inform

    Product updates and proposal design to meet energy consumer profiles and needs.

  • analyze

    Provided data in order to identify project opportunities in high-value markets.

  • prospect

    Best fit energy consumers, project sites, and existing live opportunities.

Energy use

37,391 kWh/m2

752 Broadway

Potential Incentives: 6

Elevator Apartment

Market Value $5,120,000
Loan (2014) $21,000,000 Site Documentation
Site photos (14)

Actionable Data

The GridMarket Data Platform aggregates billions of critical data points across over six million target properties for project identification, design, and procurement. Predictive analytics automate opportunity assessments for individual properties and calculate the anticipated economic and environmental impact of distributed energy solutions.

Annual energy consumption (kWh per ft2)
< 50 kWh > 5,000 kWh

Live Projects

The GridMarket Project Portal warehouses active projects seeking proposals. Opportunities on the portal are pre-analyzed with energy, infrastructure, and market intelligence – providing all the information needed for solutions providers to craft proposals without setting foot in a building.

Energy recommendations

Market Expertise

GridMarket is uniquely qualified to offer support to all stakeholders navigating the complex requirements of permitting, interconnection, siting, incentives, and more. GridMarket is a powerful project partner, maximizing project benefits to meet stakeholders’ evolving energy needs.

Incentive and Rebate Potential
No Incentives 5+ Incentives

More Projects Completed.
Less Time and Money Required.

GridMarket provides resources and assistance at every stage of distributed energy transaction lifecycle - from prospecting to project monitoring.

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