Automation Meets Energy Expertise

We turn properties around the world into lucrative clean energy opportunities

Leveraging deep data, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and a digital project marketplace to help customers, utilities, governments, and vendors deploy best-fit climatetech solutions to achieve renewable energy goals, enact carbon mitigation and adaptation initiatives, and increase resiliency

+7 Billion

Dollars in GridMarket's active
project pipeline

+2 Trillion

Data points processed through 
the platform with AI/ML

+5 Gigawatts

Listed solar, battery storage,
fuel cell, and microgrid deals

The GridMarket Platform Makes Clean Energy Projects Happen

Governments and Utilities

Governments and utilities proactively engage with customers to reduce carbon and transition to a net zero future through our digital platform 

Properties and Portfolios

We use data to help energy consumers capture onsite value through DERs, microgrids, EV charger optimization and siting, and innovative project structures

Solution and Service Providers

Best-fit providers and partners are matched with pre-qualified project opportunities through our automated, dynamic solution ecosystem

A Next Generation Platform-Based Advantage


Digital tools offer rapid insight for project identification and design, reducing soft costs and accelerating project timelines


The platform has prequalified over 750 million properties around the world for DER potential


The platform accelerates and optimizes the complete project lifecycle, creating more value for all stakeholders


An automated matching system connects customers and best-fit suppliers through a secure project portal

Make Resilient, Affordable Energy a Reality

Our platform and process are designed to minimize risk and maximize value for all project stakeholders.