At GridMarket, our mission is to accelerate the transition to a clean, distributed, and affordable energy system.

Our History

GridMarket began as a robust web platform designed to serve as an informational resource and digital marketplace for energy storage. The platform was created in partnership with AGRION, ConEdison, New York State Energy and Development Authority (NYSERDA), New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), and leading energy storage providers. Following tremendous growth in members and business in 2014, GridMarket spun out from AGRION and launched to focus on project facilitation through data-driven, streamlined development strategies that benefit the energy consumer, the solutions providers, and the grid.

What We Do

GridMarket is a dynamic distributed energy platform dedicated to facilitating the global transition to clean, resilient energy. GridMarket’s data-driven approach to optimized project planning and integration is transforming how stakeholders in the energy market design, develop, and deploy projects. The platform leverages billions of data points, sophisticated energy project modeling, simulation planning, and artificial intelligence to produce actionable energy insights and tangible project value. Through proprietary predictive analytics and automated remote opportunity assessments, GridMarket is helping energy consumers decarbonize, increase resiliency, reduce costs, and combat climate change. The platform includes a searchable database of over 350 million properties across major global markets such as North America, Asia, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, and more. Each of the sites has a unique profile quantifying its opportunity for solar PV, battery storage, fuel cells, and CHP, with additional technologies being added. The platform produces sizing estimates, suitability recommendations, anticipated financial savings, and projected environmental impact. Each profile contains critical relevant data that has been identified, aggregated, and prepared for user access. The platform supports all types of stakeholders across the project development lifecycle. Solution providers can create unique profiles through the vendor onboarding portal to be automatically matched with best-fit opportunities. Property portfolios, utilities, and governments can dynamically manage their complete energy potential across all sites to create and implement strategic energy.

Leadership team

Nick Davis


Adam Ableman

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Development

Jillian Caramanna

Director, Strategy

Nick is GridMarket’s CEO and architect of its strategic vision, spearheading all critical company initiatives and operations. Under Nick’s leadership, GridMarket has grown from a working group concept, to a proven project facilitation platform with successful distributed energy installations around the globe. Nick’s relentless dedication to combating climate change has resulted in a number of dynamic GridMarket resources that are poised to transform the traditional practices of the energy sector. His creative vision for accelerating timelines and reducing project soft costs was the driving force behind the creation of the GridMarket predictive analytics platform that has automated the creation of customized remote opportunity assessments and technology recommendations. In 2011, Nick was recruited to lead ARION Americas. As Managing Director, Nick let market needs and macro trends steer the organization in a high-impact direction – helping global governments, companies, and property portfolios optimize the available value of clean, distributed energy resources. GridMarket emerged from a public-private partnership between AGRION, Con Edison, New York City, and New York State, and rapidly evolved into a self-sustaining, dynamic digital platform, leveraging proprietary predictive analytics and a competitive marketplace to catalyze the spread of distributed, resilient power. In Spring 2015, Nick led GridMarket’s spin-out from AGRION as an employee owned-and-operated independent company. Nick frequently represents GridMarket in the market and is a sought-after speaker for industry events. He has been featured at a number of United Nations forums, including COP23, where he showcased GridMarket’s work in Palau and the scalable renewable energy deployment model being applied to other similar vulnerable island nations. As the public face of the organization, Nick’s expertise in distributed energy solutions is displayed via his many radio, print, and digital interviews. Prior to GridMarket and AGRION, Nick worked as a consultant with Pacific Gas & Electric, affording him critical experience working with a public utility that he would later apply to optimizing GridMarket’s utility-focused resources and initiatives. Nick received a Bachelor’s in Business from Northwestern University and a Master’s in Resource Economics Policy, Environmental Management from Duke University.

Adam is GridMarket’s Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer, bringing over 20 years of legal, management, and transactional experience to the organization. He provides oversight to all company departments, and is responsible for the company’s legal affairs and corporate development activities. Adam’s extensive expertise in diverse global markets enables GridMarket to optimize operations, maximizing available value and minimizing risk for the company and all involved stakeholders. He initiates and manages key stakeholder relationships, contributing to and accelerating company growth. With GridMarket’s sustained expansion efforts, Adam ensures that new initiatives properly align with regional needs to serve clients, while seamlessly integrating with core company operations. Adam’s experience is a critical part of GridMarket’s success. Prior to GridMarket, Adam was the EVP & General Counsel of Aligned Energy, LLC, a company engaged in the development and deployment of patented new technologies for energy and infrastructure optimization, through the sale of the company to Blue Mountain Capital in February, 2015. Prior to that, Adam served as General Counsel of Telwares, Inc. (a leading technology sourcing consultancy and BPO platform) from 2008 through the sale of the business to Alsbridge in November, 2012.  Since 2001, Adam worked with One Equity Partners in executive leadership positions for a number of its portfolio companies (including Aligned Energy, Genband, Telwares, WestCom, Telerate) through their respective sales (for >$1.5 billion collectively) and, prior to that, worked in the New York based lawfirm Robinson, Brog, Leinwand, Greene, Genovese & Gluck as a commercial litigation and M&A associate. Adam received a JD from Boston University and a B.A. from Emory University.

Jillian is GridMarket’s marketing and content director. She spearheads GridMarket’s brand development and identifies and exploits new channels and growth opportunities for the ever-evolving business. Jillian is responsible for the creation and design of company marketing collateral, and works closely with the business development and partnership teams to translate new opportunities into impactful proposals. In a dynamic and rapidly evolving market, Jillian works to ensure that all GridMarket materials accurately reflect the state of the market and articulate the most up-to-date value propositions of distributed energy to a variety of stakeholders. Additionally, Jillian leverages her writing background to support the research and analysis department by creating internal and client-commissioned written deliverables and producing responses for all GridMarket RFP and RFI submissions. She translates project opportunity analysis into detailed implementation plans, and aggregates necessary intelligence to produce energy market-based reports that inform strategic expansion initiatives for the GridMarket platform and relevant partners. Jillian joined the Agrion team in June 2013, and transitioned to GridMarket with the core team in the spring of 2015. With Agrion, Jillian conducted market research, supported business development and marketing activities, and managed industry events. She worked closely with industry stakeholders to grow the company and create impactful new products and offerings based on market need. Prior to joining Agrion, Jillian worked with a Business Improvement District and has transitioned critical experience coordinating with BID members, creating marketing materials, organizing events, and conducting outreach to her role with GridMarket. Jillian has a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Corporate Communications, both from University at Albany.

Oisin O’Brien

VP, Data Analytics and Project Development

Daniel Kolomeets-Darovsky

Director, Product and Technology

Jarratt Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Oisin is GridMarket’s chief data architect, leading the company’s research, content, and project development initiatives. Driven by a desire to help our world secure a sustainable, carbon-neutral future, Oisin has developed deep expertise in project design analysis and financial modeling for a variety of distributed energy technologies, including demand-side and utility-scale solar PV, battery storage, fuel cells, combined heat and power, and more. Oisin has spearheaded project initiatives in New York, Japan, the Pacific Islands, Jamaica, California, Hawaii, and other global regions, affording him valuable energy sector experience across an array of diverse market conditions. Oisin leverages customized project optimization and streamlined development processes through the GridMarket platform in order to design solutions based on unique customer analysis. His experience includes modeling multi-asset systems that achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency, maximizing available revenue streams to increase economic viability, and incorporating innovative financing mechanisms that align project structures with customer goals. Oisin has worked extensively with commercial property owners/operators, governments, utilities, and a variety of other energy consumers, communicating opportunity value, tailoring best-fit solutions for individual buildings or across complete portfolios, and advising on the selection of final solution provider project partners. As GridMarket’s projects lead since its 2015 launch as an independent company, Oisin’s impressive resume includes the pioneering solar, storage, fuel cell microgrid at Marcus Garvey Village in Brooklyn, NY, and the recently announced solar and storage system under development in The Republic of Palau, which is targeted to be the largest microgrid in the world on completion. Prior to his role at GridMarket, Oisin held positions with AGRION and the Mayor’s Carbon Challenge at the New York City Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability. Oisin has a B.A. in History from Fordham University, and an M.S. in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management from New School University.

Daniel is GridMarket’s founding director of product and technology, occupying a critical business role and ensuring the operations and appropriate evolution of company’s data-driven project development and optimization resources. Dan is responsible for overseeing the development and evolution of GridMarket’s proprietary analysis platform and the company’s website. Under his leadership, a technology and development team leverages data partnerships and strategic alliances to design, develop, and deploy value-creating products and services that increase universal accessibility to distributed energy resources. Dan’s passion for fighting combat change through the modernization of traditional energy practices and the centralized electric grid is evident in his dedication to conceptualizing and implementing forward-thinking solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Prior to his current role, Daniel was a co-founder of a renewable energy development and finance platform and a boutique consulting firm focused on the energy and sustainability sectors. He brings critical experience in data management, platform development, and energy to the GridMarket team. He holds a B.A. degree from New York University in Economics, Political Science and Business and a Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment with a focus on energy economics, policy and business.

As GridMarket’s CFO, Jarratt leads all internal finance department operations, including budgeting and forecasting, strategic financial planning, and general corporate development. Additionally, he advises on project finance, supporting the project development team and ensuring that customers are able to take advantage of all available revenue streams and project value via the GridMarket platform. Jarratt brings over 20 years of experience working with startups, raising capital, and managing funds to GridMarket. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in GridMarket’s rapid growth. Prior to joining GridMarket, Jarratt was CFO of Inertech, an organization offering patented data center cooling technology and equipment. Jarratt’s time with Inertech afforded critically relevant experience in the cleantech industry. From 2006-2013, Jarratt was CFO and then board member for Major League Gaming, Inc., America’s premier professional video game league. During his time with MLG, Jarratt raised $55m in Series A and B rounds, increased revenue from $0 to $20m, and completed 4 acquisitions, resulting in a 40% increase in sales. Prior to MLG, Mr. Brown managed assets and completed funding rounds for a number of organizations including Moneyline Telerate Holdings, Inc., The World Wine Exchange Inc., Capstan Systems Inc., and Johnny Farah Inc. Jarratt has a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA with honors, Finance & Accounting, International Management from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University.

Robert Gottsegen

Project Analyst

Lisa Ableman

Manager, Outreach & Partnerships

Peter Schneider

Business Development Manager

Robert is a project analyst, responsible for project and resource development. As part of GridMarket’s research and analysis team, Robert identifies, aggregates, and analyzes actionable energy and market data to model optimal distributed energy solutions. Additionally, he tracks energy usage patterns and market trends within customer and geographical archetypes, leveraging this intelligence to refine GridMarket’s proprietary predictive assessment software and dynamic mapping tools. Robert has held a leading role in the development of the company’s machine learning project platform since its conceptualization. He has been directly involved in the creation of a number of customized platform iterations that have produced comprehensive DER implementation roadmaps for government, utility, and property portfolios around the world. Robert is dedicated to accelerating the global energy transition, and his passion is evident through his multidisciplinary approach to clean energy at GridMarket. Robert brings passion and applicable experience to the GridMarket team. Prior to joining the company in 2015, Robert was a research assistant at UC Berkeley, where he aggregated geographical and operational intelligence on large-scale utility solar plants with the intent to synthesize the data into an online database. Prior to that, Robert interned with North West Cambridge Development on a large-scale urban sustainable development project, where he gained valuable experience conducting research and interfacing with key initiative stakeholders. Robert’s experience supporting data-driven initiatives also includes a research assistant role with the Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and an internship with the Rainforest Foundation. Robert graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a self-designed B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies.

Lisa leads GridMarket’s strategic partnerships and market engagement. She brings a wealth of government and non-profit experience to the GridMarket team. Lisa educates business and property owners about distributed energy resource opportunities and the available no-risk, no cost GridMarket project facilitation resources. She leverages a number of strategic channels to reach a diverse set of energy consumers, furthering GridMarket’s mission and striving to increase awareness of and accessibility to resilient, low-carbon energy technologies. Lisa is responsible for GridMarket’s collaboration with business associations, economic development organizations and government agencies to expand stakeholder engagement, increasing GridMarket’s exposure and furthering its mission. As GridMarket expands to new markets, Lisa plays a critical role in establishing and maintaining relationships with public-sector stakeholders, accelerating GridMarket’s ability to add value in these regions. Lisa was formerly a Manager at the NYC Comptroller’s Office, leading multiple teams conducting program and operational audits of various NYC agencies. Most recently, Lisa co-founded PTAlink — a nonprofit aimed at addressing inequities in the NYC public school system by providing a community building and resource sharing platform for parent organizations in NYC public schools. Lisa has a deep background in and commitment to public service and is very excited to be working with GridMarket’s passionate team in facilitating the transition to a clean, distributed grid to protect our environment, while simultaneously encouraging responsible, strategic business growth. Lisa holds a B.A. from Cornell University and an M.P.A. from New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

Peter leads the business development team for GridMarket, engaging with energy consumers to help them understand their unique opportunities to save money and realize myriad benefits from distributed energy integration. Peter also works closely with the development team, helping to accelerate processes and manage critical stakeholder relationships. He coordinates with all internal departments, ensuring that his stakeholder experiences are leveraged appropriately to pivot or prioritize internal operations based on the market exigencies. Peter brings extensive sales and entrepreneurial experience to the GridMarket team. His unique ability to communicate the value of distributed energy through the GridMarket platform has resulted in pipeline growth and expansion across all company offerings. Prior to GridMarket, Peter was co-founder and sales director of Crafted Exports, where he oversaw all business and corporate development initiatives, including leading sales and marketing operations and managing key partner relationships. Peter was also responsible for raising startup and Series A capital. Prior to this, Peter held sales leadership roles at Clearspire Law and Water Street Partners where he was active in the market, developing and maintaining new business leads, executing marketing campaigns, and was responsible for managing internal reporting and metrics. Peter holds a B.A. in Economics from George Washington University.

Emmett Folger

Project Analyst

Chris Spencer

Business Development Associate

Daniel Noriega

Senior Project Analyst

Emmett is a project analyst, bringing applicable technical and development experience to the GridMarket team. His expertise in data analysis and business process automation have helped GridMarket accelerate digital product and development initiatives. As part of the project development team, Emmett leverages GridMarket resources and available data to model and design optimized distributed energy solutions for customers of all types and sizes. Since joining the team, Emmett has helped expand the capabilities of GridMarket’s platform by collecting data, building web app features, and developing predictive energy consumption models. He is responsible for identifying trends in existing analysis and aggregating new sources of geographic, energy, property, and utility data to improve the platform’s machine learning capabilities and develop new functionalities. Prior to joining the GridMarket team, Emmett grew his skill-set in a number of valuable roles. As a GIS Data Assistant for the University of Wisconsin System Administration, Emmett worked with geographic data and corresponding tools to digitize intelligence and automate GIS processes. In 2015, Emmett interned with Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Inc., where he gained critical experience in energy data collection, analysis, and insights. As a PACE intern, Emmett communicated with market stakeholders, strategized with senior team leaders, and prioritized geographical areas of opportunity based on analysis. Prior to this, Emmett held two different internships with EBSCO Information Services, Inc. that provided additional market-based data and information technology experience. Emmett holds a B.S. in Applied Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His education also includes programs in Accelerated Public Finance at the London School of Economics and Globalization and European Economics at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.

Chris is a member of GridMarket’s business development team. He works directly with energy consumers to help them most effectively leverage the capabilities of the GridMarket platform and implement optimized distributed energy projects. Chris has experience communicating the value of clean energy and conservation initiatives to the market, and he applies his expertise to helping grow GridMarket’s global footprint of successful projects and programs. Prior to joining GridMarket, Chris worked at the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle and The Nature Conservancy. Chris has a Bachelor’s in Environmental Policy from Colby College.

Daniel Noriega is a senior project analyst for GridMarket. As a member of the analytics team, he works to identify and design optimized distributed energy systems and implement strategic program initiatives. Daniel works very closely with the development team, leveraging his industry experience to help accelerate the creation of digital products that automate technical project development processes. Daniel brings a wealth of market experience to GridMarket, including targeted expertise in the utility and policy sectors. Prior to joining GridMarket, Daniel worked for the New York Independent System Operator and ConSalfa Corporation. Daniel has a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from the University of los Andes, a Master’s in Energy Science, Technology and Policy from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Master’s in Economics from the University of Chicago.