Distributed Energy for Cold Storage Facilities
Operational efficiency and cost savings through advanced energy technologies


The GridMarket Platform

GridMarket has extensive experience helping cold storage facilities optimize energy projects. Distributed energy resources (DERs) are a great fit for cold storage facilities for a number of reasons.  By working with GridMarket, you can capitalize on immediate opportunities to reduce operating expenses and position your facility to be better prepared for future fleet electrification initiatives

Main Benefits

Reduce Operating Expenses

Technologies like solar PV, battery storage, combined heat and power, fuel cells, and more can provide a number of economic and operational benefits, and help cold storage facilities reduce expenses.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Distributed energy technologies provide critical backup generation and resiliency to keep your facility powered and operational with little to no down-time, even if the centralized grid is compromised.

Electric Vehicle & Trailer Management

Installing EV charging stations at your docks and in your yard to electrify your fleet and optimize your infrastructure will not disrupt standard day-to-day operations, just improve your efficiencies, compliance and result in overall cost savings 

GridMarket Platform Highlights

GridMarket is making clean energy value a reality for customers by offering an alternative to traditional energy feasibility and consulting practices 

No Risk, No Obligation

Facilities need to focus on operations - GridMarket's automated processes mean you don't have to commit valuable time and resources upfront. Understand your opportunity and make an informed decision to source proposals.

Comparison And Choice

GridMarket is a technology, vendor, and structure agnostic project partner. Recommendations are based analytical findings and what solution(s) will provide the greatest value. There are many choices out in the market, let GridMarket tell you which ones make the most sense. 

Business As Usual

Our process, project development, and final outcome will not impact your day-to-day operations. We want to provide you with energy solutions and upgrades that will provide value without disrupting your standard procedures. 

GridMarket & PLM have partnered to provide efficient, profitable energy ecosystems solutions for refrigerated warehouses and distribution centers. 

PLM is the largest nation-wide, technology-driven company dedicated to the cold supply chain. Our fleet management and cloud-based data solutions uniquely position PLM to focus on creating flexible and customer-specific refrigerated solutions to reduce costs and drive productivity in your business.

A Proven Project Partner

GridMarket has targeted experience working with cold storage facilities

and similar warehouse customers