The GridMarket Solution

We are distributed energy experts so that you don't have to be. 

The GridMarket Process

Our customizable services and proven methodology make distributed energy accessible and economical for all 

Digital Project Assessments

Vendor and Technology Agnostic

Full Project Lifecycle Optimization

RFP Platform and Process Methodology


  • Analytics and project design expertise 
  • Vendor and technology agnostic
  • Project structure and financing optimization
  • Development and process advisory 


  • Find the right technologies for you
  • Align project outcomes with your goals
  • Maximize every value and revenue stream
  • Don't waste limited time and resources

Our Process

Opportunity Identification

Our platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze your property or properties for distributed energy potential. You tell us your goals (cost savings, carbon reduction, resiliency, etc.) and financial preferences, and our system takes these variables into account.

Agnostic Recommendations

The system produces preliminary project recommendations to give you an idea of what technology or technologies and project design are the most beneficial - we review all viable options to bring you the most value!

Marketplace RFP

We package all your project information into our secure project portal and our system automatically alerts vendors in our network to the new opportunity. Vendors submit proposals through our platform, making the end-to-end process streamlined and transparent.

Proposal Review and Selection

We will help you consider your options based on economic and environmental impact. Then, you choose your final project partner or partners based on the proposal and structure that best meets your goals

Development Support

Our vendor partners are experts in project development and construction, but we are available to provide support and ensure progress stays on schedule and that the process goes smoothly.

M&V and Future Optimization

Our system tracks performance data and we can continue to make recommendations in the future as new technologies or solutions enter the market that could help your property or properties operate more efficiently and effectively. 

Ready to get started?

Do you have internal energy mandates? Is there available roof space on your property to receive a lease payment for solar panels? Are your demand charges high? There are so many possible ways to create value. Let GridMarket conduct a free, no obligation assessment and see what DERs can do for you!