April 22, 2020

Earth Day 2020

Today marks 50 years since the celebration of the inaugural Earth Day. 

April 22 has become a symbol of the fight against climate change for many individuals, businesses, and organizations all dedicated to the cause. Historically, this day has been filled with optimism, joy, and togetherness – a beautiful example of humanity coming together in recognition of our shared planet. Earth Day 2020 will arrive under unprecedented, incredibly complicated circumstances. Instead of attending festivals and celebrations, we find ourselves necessarily prioritizing health and safety through physical distancing. 

Thankfully, modern technology is enabling us to maintain our sense of community and commitment to a common cause. Many will be looking to screens, cameras, and internet connections to acknowledge Earth Day. 

The annual EarthX event in Dallas, Texas is one of many Earth Day celebrations navigating the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The EarthX team has worked tirelessly to transition the world’s largest environmental experience from a physical event to a robust digital event. GridMarket is thrilled to still be involved! This year, our celebrations may be virtual, but the meaning and mission remain as important as ever.

Join us this Saturday, April 25, for the Island Resilience Forum and EarthXEnergy event. GridMarket’s CEO, Nick Davis, will be speaking along with other climate and renewable energy experts and island government representatives. The IRF will showcase the strategies underway to bring sustainable energy independence and resiliency to small island nations on the front lines of climate change. The EarthXEnergy panel will discuss renewable energy deployment best practices for global energy consumers.

These last weeks have been an undeniable reminder of the fragility of our world and the importance of protecting it. GridMarket works to honor its mission to accelerate the global transition to clean, resilient energy today and every day. Together, we must seize the opportunity to reimagine our future and execute that vision.

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