Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Solutions Optimization

GridMarket can help you site and deploy electric chargers to achieve an electrified future

GridMarket Platform Value

By strategically deploying onsite energy assets and storage along with EV chargers, we help properties and portfolios prepare for added demand and make the transition away from fossil fuel as cost-effective as possible while maximizing revenue potential for hosting chargers on your property

Intelligent, Flexible Planning

Strategically site charging solutions based on opportunity to optimize value based on unique electrification and e-mobility goals 

Coordinated Infrastructure

Create additional bill savings and revenue streams, while also supporting increased electrical load through renewable generation

Curated Technical Solutions

Consider available business models and identify a strategy that best meets property, facility, fleet, and/or customer needs

The GridMarket EV Ecosystem

We have experience with all types of EV charger analysis and implementation. Our network of top-tier solution providers with targeted electrification and mobility transformation expertise stand waiting to provide best-in-class proposals through our secure bidding platform.

The GridMarket platform automates viable siting configurations and system designs to create optimized microgrids that include chargers for passenger vehicles and/or fleets.

Achieve Value With Optimized EV Charger Siting Through The GridMarket Platform

Create new revenue streams in target markets and monetize underutilized space

Achieve environmental sustainability goals and mandates

Mitigate technology and investment risks through innovative business models

Anticipate and address customer demand for electric vehicles

Upgrade onsite infrastructure to generate renewable energy to power chargers

Take advantage of available programs and incentives

Customers of all types and sizes are including smart plug in EV charging solutions across their properties and portfolios.