January 5, 2021

RETC’s 2020 PV Module Index Provides Valuable Insight For The Renewable Energy Market

New distributed energy technologies are constantly being tested, commercialized, and improved. Our customers trust our platform to canvas the industry and showcase those solutions that provide the greatest economic and environmental value. In order to maintain a global network of top-tier technology providers and manufacturers, GridMarket is deeply embedded in the market and leverages a number of resources to stay in tune with the ever evolving landscape of generation, distribution, and storage assets – Renewable Energy Test Center, LLC (RETC) is one such resource. RETC is a leading engineering services and certification testing provider for renewable energy products. We are proud to partner with RETC and share their recently released 2020 PV Module Index.

Over the past few years, manufacturers have asked independent test labs like RETC to share their test lab findings and the accomplishments seen within the PV module industry. Which companies were manufacturing great products? What products in particular shined?

According to the announcement press release:
“The annual PVMI report consolidates independent test data to share best practices regarding testing and manufacturing as well as relevant performance distribution data in three essential categories: reliability indicators, quality indicators, and performance indicators. Manufacturers
that achieve high performance according to these three disciplines not only demonstrate a commitment to excellence but also provide a benchmark—a quantitative measure representing the best that the industry has to offer.”

The PVMI aims to be a useful tool for downstream partners to differentiate PV module manufacturers and for upstream partners who continue to innovate and manufacture great products. After careful consideration, GridMarket deems the RETC PVMI to be a comprehensive, data-driven industry report that assesses PV module manufacturers and specific product families from those ranked. RETC’s PVMI recognizes High Achievers who meet high quality, reliability, and performance standards and is held as a better metric to assess manufacturers for their inclusion in their Approved Vendor List. The compiled data from the 2019 year recognizes 14 suppliers and 35 awards for high achievements in various indicators and categories. RETC is already planning its 2021 report which expects to cover new industry standards, hot topics, and a more exhaustive characterization of a module family across a multitude of tests. “Standards for PV modules continue to grow in response to the innovations and breakthrough products that come from the best PV module manufacturers,” reads the report.

The 2020 PV Module Index report is free to download here.

RETC’s press release summarizing the report is available here.

GridMarket and RETC are both strategically partnered with Marubeni Americas Corporation, with the collective goal of powering our world with clean, resilient energy.

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RETC’s 2020 PV Module Index Provides Valuable Insight For The Renewable Energy Market

RETC’s 2020 PV Module Index Provides Valuable Insight For The Renewable Energy Market

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