Turning properties into lucrative 
clean energy opportunities

GridMarket is an innovative, customer-centric project platform dedicated to scaling climate tech

The GridMarket platform - where digital automation meets analytical expertise to create a robust distributed energy project ecosystem 

GridMarket is the clean energy project clearing house – leveraging deep data, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics to help customers and vendors identify and deploy best-fit solutions (solar PV, battery storage, fuel cells, CHP, efficiency, and more) to achieve energy goals.

Value and scalability

for all stakeholders

GridMarket helps energy consumers, solution providers, utilities, governments, and more all identify and implement the most beneficial clean energy solutions

Meaningful data.
Deep expertise.
Better projects.

Clean energy with the click of a button

AI-Driven Digital Opportunity Assessments

Automated analytical capabilities remotely survey a property, portfolio, or region for distributed energy technologies and our expert analytical team optimizes a tailored strategy

Trusted Global Partner Ecosystem

A dynamic global marketplace of industry, financial, and infrastructure partners stand ready to offer support, submit proposals, and design project structures to meet the unique needs of each customer

RFP Platform and Process Methodology

Our efficient, transparent digital RFP process engages top-tier providers and partners to secure optimal, high-value bids through a secure transaction platform.

GridMarket uses data, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based tools to accelerate clean energy deployment. Projects that come through the platform are appropriately surveyed, profiled based on technology sizing and suitability, optimized for maximum value, and serviced by the best-fit providers from our network.

Making Resilient, Affordable Energy a Reality

Our platform and process are designed to minimize risk and maximize value for all project stakeholders.

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