National Transformations

A customized web application and digital marketplace designed to accelerate a comprehensive nation-wide transition to clean, distributed energy

Transform Your Energy Economy with GridMarket

The GridMarket Platform helps governments and utilities strategically deploy clean, carbon-free, resilient energy solutions and effectively monetize existing portfolio assets. 

The 'All At Once' Approach

The platform aggregates all plans, resources, and data in one centralized location to inform a customized, actionable transformation and monetization strategy.

A unified and coordinated approach to nation-wide clean energy deployment

A Powerful Transformation Partner

AI-Driven Simulation Planning

Automated analytical capabilities remotely survey a complete region for distributed energy technologies and visualize opportunities through a digital platform.

Global Partner Ecosystem

Access a dynamic global marketplace of industry, financial, and infrastructure partners ready to offer support, submit proposals, and design project structures.

RFP Platform and Project Portal

Administer a transparent, compliant global tender process and engage top-tier EPC partners through GridMarket's secure transaction platform.

“In the midst of the climate crisis and global pandemic, it is imperative that governments strengthen the resilience of their infrastructure, economies, and public health. Through this partnership, we are accelerating our transition to a distributed, affordable, and clean energy future with a committed and coordinated approach across all government agencies to expedite the successful completion of this initiative—delivering tremendous benefits to all Sint Maarten citizens and businesses. The GridMarket platform offers a streamlined, comprehensive approach to advancing our national targets and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals."

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs

"GridMarket has been the key to achieving our energy goals. Their platform has made our clean energy transition quicker and easier than we ever imagined. There are so many distributed energy technologies to consider, and GridMarket helped us review all the buildings and land parcels in our service territory to create and execute a plan that reduces costs and carbon emissions."

Tologata Tile Leia Tuimalealiifano
Former GM of EPC and Current Member of Parliament, Samoa

“I am thrilled to celebrate a critical milestone in Tonga’s journey to 100% renewable energy,” said Hon. Poasi Mataele Tei, Hon. Acting Prime Minister of Tonga and Minister of Energy, Environment, Information, and Climate Change (MEIDECC). “Over the last few months, we have worked closely with our partners at GridMarket and the United States Trade and Development Agency to create and execute a funding agreement that will help us reach energy independence. When development and procurement are complete, we anticipate exceeding our renewable energy generation goals, and bringing clean, affordable, and resilient energy to our islands.”

Hon. Poasi Mataele Tei
Hon. Acting Prime Minister of Tonga and Minister of Energy, Environment, Information, and Climate Change (MEIDECC)

GridMarket Platform Value

The platform’s unique approach leverages artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to create the most beneficial, cost-effective path to achieving energy goals.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Clean distributed technologies like solar PV, wind turbines, CHP, fuel cells, and more can replace traditional generation and reduce GHG emissions to meet carbon targets.

Resiliency Benefits

Localized energy generation and flexible control provide energy independency by reducing reliability on imported diesel and strengthen the grid against threats.

Power Quality and Supply

Bring more reliable power supply to citizens and rate-payers through distributed, decentralized, and flexible technologies.

Optimized Resources

Capture the value of available local renewable resources and mobilize the public and private sectors around the power of your unique opportunity.

Making Resilient, Affordable Energy a Reality

Our platform and process are designed to minimize risk and maximize value.

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