Clean energy is the future.

With GridMarket, the future is now.

GridMarket is revolutionizing energy use in the built environment through deep data and artificial intelligence.

GridMarket is an innovative disruptor to ‘business as usual’ in the energy industry, unleashing clean, resilient technologies into the market through remote data capture, proprietary analytics, and a dynamic
partner ecosystem.

GridMarket views every property as an untapped asset in the fight for a cleaner, more resilient grid.

A Sample of Customers, Portfolios, Governments & Utilities Leveraging Our Data Tools

GridMarket uses data and next generation analytics to make every property, land parcel, and regional grid into an actionable opportunity for distributed generation, microgrids and optimized EV integration. The platform is the catalyst that turns opportunities into in-the-ground projects, and customizable solutions can be applied to support a diverse range of users.

Impact and Success at Scale

By automating some of the most resource-intensive phases of project development, the GridMarket Platform is a powerful catalyst for change, rapidly processing a high volume of opportunities to yield greater rates of success. We rely on our data-driven tools to profile opportunities and turn those opportunities into valuable projects.  Our platform has helped local governments, fortune 500 commercial & industrial portfolios, higher education campuses, subsidized housing complexes, cold storage warehouses, and many more.

Thousands of properties have trusted GridMarket with their energy futures and are actively and exclusively leveraging the platform for procurement. 

Making Resilient, Clean Energy a Reality

Our platform and process are designed to minimize risk and maximize value.

We are actively seeking partners to scale the platform. We have proven success across all of our customer segments, and our technology has the ability to continue rapidly expanding our pipeline by managing a high volume of potential projects.

Do our visions align? Let's get to work.