The GridMarket Platform

The GridMarket Data Platform aggregates billions of critical data points across millions of target properties and pre-qualifies buildings for distributed energy resource and microgrid potential.

Informed Prospecting

Search, filter, and down-select opportunities based on unique criteria and solution relevancy

Optimized Design

Model the most valuable projects with sophisticated analytical and planning tools

Active Projects

Access live project intelligence and submit bids through the secure project portal

Platform Benefits

The GridMarket Platform is a dynamic digital resource for informed lead generation and optimized solution design

Prequalified Opportunities

Over 350 million global properties surveyed for solar pv, battery storage, CHP, and fuel cell potential 

Automated Analytics

Artificial intelligence and machine learning accelerate and standard development and design processes

End-To-End System

Tools and resources to support the project development process from prospecting to an operational project

Digital Marketplace

Identify customers and prospective project partners and transact through the secure platform with confidence

Feature Highlights

GridMarket's platform is highly customizable, with visualized simulation capabilities for the most informed planning capabilities

3D Mapping Visualizations

Simulate asset placement and digitize project layout based on customizable icons, mapping layers, and dynamic planning tools

Digital RFP Tool

Upload necessary materials and submit project proposals through GridMarket's secure RFP data portal

Project Lifecycle Automation

Complete digitization and automation of the DER project development process through platform tools and resources

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