The Value of a Portfolio-Wide Approach 

The GridMarket Platform helps you assess your portfolio for distributed energy solutions and implement the technologies that offer the greatest value across all properties and sites

Power Your Portfolio With Clean Energy

By reviewing your portfolio's complete energy potential, you gain valuable insights to help prioritize sights and create a strategic implementation plan. Let the GridMarket Platform identify the most valuable technologies and best-fit project partners!

Cost Savings

DER technologies can reduce operating expenses at priority sites across your portfolio

Resilient Operations

Onsite energy generation provides critical backup generation and reduces downtime due to outages

Carbon Reduction

Operate more sustainably and efficiently and meet established portfolio-wide carbon and energy related targets

why choose gridmarket as your portfolio energy partner?

Customer Advocacy and

Energy Expertise

Innovative Digital Tools

GridMarket's automated feasibility platform makes it easy and efficient to consider all your options at every property - no risk and no obligation, only valuable insights

Strategic Modeling

GridMarket will simulate all viable project structures, helping customers understand their complete opportunity and prioritize project sites to meet needs

Technology Agnostic 

The best-fit solutions will be flexibly considered across all assessed sites - energy isn't a one size fits all and GridMarket customizes recommendations based on analysis

The Portfolio Analysis Process

Step 1.

Provide GridMarket with addresses for portfolio properties and necessary information for each site

Step 2.

GridMarket uses the platform to create preliminary assessments and quantify energy opportunities

Step 3.

Owner/Operator selects priority sites to bid out on the GridMarket marketplace

Step 4.

Projects completed at greatest value through economies of scale and competitive pricing


Proven, Data-Driven Methodology

GridMarket has extensive experience analyzing property portfolios and helping owners/operators deploy energy solutions with optimal structures. We will work with you to address your unique energy needs, ensuring that you maximize the value of distributed energy resources, aligning performance with your portfolio needs and goals.