Distributed Energy for Universities

Universities and higher education institutions are uniquely positioned to benefit from clean energy technologies and capture a leading role in the fight against climate change.

Get information that allows you to make smart energy decisions

The GridMarket Platform

GridMarket has extensive experience helping educational institutions optimize energy projects. Distributed energy resources (DERs) are a great fit for colleges and universities for a number of reasons.

Main Benefits

Campus Value

High campus energy use, demand requirements, and ample available space mean that DERs are typically a great fit


DERs can keep critical portions of your campus up and running by providing backup generation if the grid goes down


Increase sustainable operations and reduce carbon emissions to reach and exceed your energy related goals


DER solutions are a marketing asset and can help attract and retain environmentally-conscious students and staff

Cost Savings

DERs can dramatically reduce operating expenses and project structures can be designed based on available capital


On-site installations enable the creation of new curriculum or the enhancement of existing energy-related programs

GridMarket Platform Highlights

GridMarket is making clean energy value a reality for customers by offering an alternative to traditional energy feasibility and consulting practices

No Risk, No Obligation

Universities don't have staff time or economic resources to waste - GridMarket's automated processes mean you don't have to commit valuable time and resources upfront. Learn your opportunity and make an informed decision to source proposals.

Comparison And Choice

GridMarket is a technology, vendor, and structure agnostic project partner. Recommendations are based analytical findings and what solution(s) will provide the greatest value. There are many choices out in the market, let GridMarket tell you which ones make the most sense.


By transacting through the GridMarket Platform, all processes are secure and compliant with unique internal requirements. Keep critical stakeholders in the loop of progress and display success with confidence.

A Proven Project Partner

GridMarket has targeted experience working with universities