More Leads. Better Opportunities. Faster Projects.

Gain access to a steady stream of pre-qualified opportunities from projects accelerated by GridMarket's unique and proven development process.

Tailored Project Opportunities

Don’t waste time considering projects that aren’t a good fit for your solutions.

Our automated matching platform connects your organization to the best opportunities based on dozens on variables.

Curated RFPs

Data-driven AI tools identify opportunities for you.

Opportunity Alerts

Get instant notifications about relevant projects.

Secure Project Platform

Submit bids and transact with confidence.

Highly-Motivated Customers

GridMarket pre-qualifies and evaluates all customers. 

Matching Platform Highlights

Marketplace Profile

Create your custom profile in the system to be automatically matched with projects that come through the platform and meet your unique criteria

Technology Data

Detail your unique solution within the system to ensure that projects are appropriately matched and you are being alerted to best-fit new live RFPs

Design Optimization

Leverage GridMarket tools to visualize and optimize your project design when responding to opportunities within the platform

Proposal Submission

Work within the centralized platform to access opportunities, review associated data, and submit your final bids

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